Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 – panel replacement

I have a Prophet-5 that is in pretty nice condition except for a nasty dent in the black front panel.


I have been thinking about if it’s possible to fix it, and asking around on how to approach it. I got a lot of good tips in my fav Facebook group Vintage Synth Repair and Mods

The consensus there seemed to be that it is sometimes tricky to fix these kind of issues. It is possible that ‘fixing’ the problem may result in things looking worse.

The paint has been stretched, and will likely crackle if pounded flat. Using a heat gun to warm the panel (and the paint) could possibly help to avoid that.

There are also quite a few companies that repaint old synth panels, but none of them seem to be capable of doing the typical ‘grainy’ texture that many vintage synths have.

The best way to fix it would of course be to replace the panel with a new one. I asked around but was not able to locate one.

But then one day I was talking to a friend who works for a Swedish super-producer with many many many synths in his collection. He mentioned that they had a “organ donor” Prophet-5 in their warehouse, and that he would take a look at it next time he was there.

And yesterday he called with good news – the panel on it looked fine and I was welcome to have it!


And there we are. (Jan 22, 2016).

UPCOMING: Panel switcharoo!



Oberheim OB-1 – Knobs smashed (and fixed)!

I have a near mint Oberheim OB-1.Super nice synth!

OB1 and TTSH

While it was waiting to get moved down into the “synth cave”, I had it standing on its side in a hallway. It felt safe, it was clearly visible and there was a smallish pillar/corner that offered some protection. Or so I thought.

One day a co-worker walked by a bit too close and it went BAAAAAMMM – falling and landing upside down on its front panel. F**K!

But this synth is built like a tank – the only things that broke were the small plastic ‘caps’ on top of 4 or 5 of the knobs.

broken_knobs  taken_apart

Now. With a semi-rare synth from 1978 I do not expect finding replacements would be easy. I checked the usual channels (ebay, syntaur etc) but came up empty handed.

I also looked into alternatives like plastic caps for furniture.

But then my fav Facebook group Vintage Synths Repair and Mods came to the rescue:


And yep. Farnell had these exact knob caps in stock – almost 40 years later. Style never goes out of style?

I ordered a ‘full set’: 20 black and 10 gray. In case they looked slightly different from the originals, I wanted to replace them all. But it turned out they looked identical!


All well that ends well.

Next up for this Obie is probably to replace the PSU as it currently is 110V. Maybe a little cap refresh. And MAYBE add MIDI.. Not sure if I want to since this is a very mint machine.