Hello world, I’m Lars.

I like old synths and I can not lie. The dirt, the scratches, the smell of warm electronics. I also like fiddling with their insides, adding MIDI etc. I started this blog as I was working on replacing the keyboard in my SCI Pro-One, realizing that many others were looking to do the same thing. I hope it can be helpful, if so let me know!

I also sell new aluminum knob caps for the old Sequential gear (Prophet 5/10/600, Pro-One etc)!

When I’m not wielding my soldering iron I’m Product Manager at http://www.xlnaudio.com, we do music software things such as Addictive Drums / Keys / Trigger and FX.

lars linn


One thought on “About

  1. Hej, jag har en Prophet 600 och saknar en knapp (svart) och resonans potentiometern axel är sönder.
    du råkar inte ha dessa delar ??

    Tack Vladi


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